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Doors that don't open

Yu Chan~
14 December 1991
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"I think I'd know you even if I were blind
That's how many times I've held you
We loved each other, but we couldn't get over it
Maybe it was fate

We proved our love with kiss after kiss, a hundred million times
But something's missing
We both sensed the end of this love
Ah, forgive me, Juliet"

the light

"All alone in a dream, I finally got here
And you're trembling

Don't cry; I won't let you go
Even if I throw everything away
What's the future without you?
I can't see it; I don't need it "

of the world

"If by chance one day we meet again somewhere
And we're able to do it over
I'll never let you go, no matter what happens
I've finally realized
There's no better person than you
So will you stay by my side once more...?"

with your

"Come on, wipe your tears and head for tomorrow
Leave all the baggage you've been carrying behind

Amidst all the hesitation, you will become yourself
Even that day you stumbled won't have been for nothing

Race through the wind towards that shining place
Your courage is your guide
Spread the wings of hope and to the east and to the west
A new story is beginning, time to start"

own hand.